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A century of building Manitoba

Borland Construction Inc. is one of the oldest and largest heavy construction companies in Manitoba. Family owned since its founding in 1919, Borland has built of the public and private infrastructure supporting Manitoba’s economic growth and prosperity.

Borland has a successful history of installing sewer and water networks, providing flood protection, servicing residential developments, building small parking lots, paving city streets and highways, and reconstructing airport runways.

Over the years Borland has successfully bid or negotiated work with the Federal, Provincial and municipal levels of government, Crown corporations, First Nations, P3 consortiums, private owners and other contractors (as a general contractor, supplier and sub-contractor). While its focus is on Manitoba, Borland has completed paving and underground utilities projects in all western provinces and continues to explore opportunities across Canada.

Borland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ladco Company Limited – a leader in Manitoba’s residential and commercial development community. Ladco’s activities also include the management of various multi-family, retail and hospitality properties. For more about Ladco, please visit

Our services


Construction and repair of concrete pavements, retaining walls, curbs; from airport runways to strip mall sidewalks.

Sewer & Water

New construction, spot repairs and in-line replacement of land drainage, waste-water and water supply networks.


Supply and placement of asphalt for roadways, pathways and parking lots. New build, reconstruction and patching.


High quality limestone, gravel and granite products for roadwork, foundations, riverbank stabilization and erosion control.

Specialized Equipment

Pavement reclaiming & milling, gravel road building and maintenance, chip-spreading, hauling, surveying and snow clearing.



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Our services


Borland maintains a large fleet including double lane slip form pavers, curb and gutter slip form pavers, speed screeds, grade trimmers, concrete saws, joint sealing equipment and concrete breakers that are used to complete a wide variety of projects including: highways, airport runways and aprons, city streets, driveways and approaches, drainage channels, retaining structures, barriers and curb work. Project size ranges from $25,000 to $25,000,000 with scopes including construction, dowel-bar retrofits, full and partial depth repairs.

Our services

Sewer & Water

Borland maintains a fleet of backhoes, wheeled excavators, and loaders to complement pipe jacking, pilot tube micro-tunnelling and other boring equipment that is already Borland owned or easily rented/purchased. Borland’s list of projects includes tunnels, water mains, land drainage and wastewater sewers, leachate collection systems, reservoirs, aqueducts, box culverts, and stormwater retention lakes and outfalls.

Borland’s knowledge of Manitoba’s soil conditions complements its expertise in both open-cut and trenchless techniques. Borland has direct experience with the trenchless installation of pipe diameters from 15 to 2100 mm with single shot lengths over 110m.

Borland maintains excellent relationships with subcontractors who provide coring, drilling, testing and other services that Borland does not provide in-house.

Our services


Borland operates two quarries in Stonewall and several gravel pits, the largest are in Bird’s Hill and near Brandon, MB. Borland will also crush in pits and quarries owned by third parties to support its rural highway operations or supply customers outside of the Winnipeg region. Borland can produce over one million tonnes of material each year with its complement of cone and jaw crushers, screeners, draglines, loaders, and wash plants.

While much of Borland’s production supplies its paving operations, Borland also sells to other construction companies, concrete suppliers, landscapers, the Province, and nearby municipalities, including Winnipeg. Borland’s commitment to lead the industry in quality and loading efficiency has won over many customers who have reduced their hauling and placing costs.

Our services


Borland operates two plants:

  • a drum mix plant in Winnipeg rated over 230 tonnes per hour with over 400 tonnes of silo storage; and
  • a mobile drum mix plant rated over 350 tonnes per hour to supply large highway projects.

Both plants are outfitted with pollution control devices, can incorporate recycled materials into the mix, and can produce conventional and “warm mix” asphalt mixes. While most of Borland’s asphalt is made for its own jobs, Borland sells to a variety of external customers who value Borland’s quality and dependability.

Borland maintains a large fleet of equipment including spreaders, transfer machines, rollers, distributors, semi-trailers and tandems, that are used for a wide variety of projects including parking lots, subdivisions, residential and arterial streets, highways and airports.

Our services

Specialized Equipment

Borland owns over 500 pieces of equipment including loaders, graders, track backhoes, track loaders, vibratory packers, dozers, pipe jacking/boring machines, mills and full depth reclaimers. Borland also owns, operates and maintains a fleet of over 40 semi-trailers, tandem trucks and low-beds.

In addition to pavements and underground utilities, Borland’s equipment and expertise have been used for:

  • private and public snow clearing contracts;
  • building pad and foundation work;
  • installation and removal of work pads in water bodies;
  • stabilization and armouring of riverbanks.

our projects

Polo Park Improvements
For the City of Winnipeg, installed new land drainage system, replaced of existing sewer and water pipe, and reconstructed concrete roads in the Polo Park retail area (2 years, >$19.5M).

Borland has been the lead roadway and underground utility subcontractor on two P3 projects in Winnipeg:

  • the Southwest Rapid Transit & Pembina Hwy Underpass;
  • the award winning Disraeli Bridges Project.

Waverely underpass

For the City of Winnipeg, installed various underground infrastructure (including 1200mm by micro-tunnelling) in preparation of underpass construction (6 months, >$2.2M).

PTH 75 Highway at Aubigny

For Manitoba Infrastructure, reconstructed > 34 lane km of concrete highway which included supply and placement of base aggregates and concrete, milling, rubbilization, culvert replacement and diamond grinding (7 months, >$26M).

prairie pointe residential

For Ladco Company, installed land drainage, sewer and water lines, excavated retention ponds, supplied and placed base aggregates, and paved concrete roads and sidewalks for >200 lot subdivision.

PTH1 Highway at Hadashville

For Manitoba Infrastructure, resurfaced >58 lane km of asphalt highway which included supply & placement of base aggregates and asphalt, milling, and reclamation (1 year, >$7.0m).

salter Street Reconstruction

For the City of Winnipeg removed and rebuilt concrete regional street, which included including sewer and water improvements (4 months, >$1.4M).

Snow Clearing

Borland provides round-the-clock snow plowing and hauling for various retail and multi-family properties.


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